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Jabari Issa

Jabari Issa

Director of Business Development

Jabari is the newest member of our team having joined us after six years working at Enterprise. With a strong background in customer service and a special skill of being empathetic to a client’s needs, Jabari has a way of making everyone feel satisfied at the end of the day.

We believe that Jabari is a perfect addition to our team because of his strong work ethic, persistence, and standard of quality. “Listening to a client’s needs and digesting what was said is key to coming up with the best solution for the client and allows us to do our job the right way.” He understands the value of relationships and strives to leave a lasting impression in each connection.

In his off time, you might catch Jabari at one of the many dive bars here in Seattle ripping up the mic at karaoke or hitting the trails to be re-centered with nature.