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Chris McCune

Chris McCune


Chris and real estate go hand in hand. Since joining the Warmack Group, he’s become a rising star and our very own “Urban Explorer.” He is passionate about Seattle and loves learning about the different neighborhoods and all they have to offer his clients. According to Chris, “Being an agent continually pushes me deepen my knowledge of the local area. There’s always seem to be one more enclave I didn’t know about or view that I haven’t seen before.”

For Chris, helping people buy and sell property is more than a transaction. It’s about the story—whether it’s a first home purchase, an upgrade due to a life change, or someone won the lottery and needs a bigger home. “It’s such an honor to be allowed to help people write that next chapter and be a character in their story.”

In Chris’ free time, you can find him at the beach with his boxer Stella, kite surfing or enjoying his wife’s cooking—she’s a chef! Now that’s one lucky guy. We feel lucky to have him on our team too.